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In my long intimacy with anxiety and its hulking silent sibling, depression, I learned one very important thing: panic always passes.


For those of us who live inside our heads a bit too much (hi there!), the hardest thing is to let something go. Out into the world, out from the place of safety and concealment.

I don't believe much in New Year's resolutions, but I suppose this year it's “more doing, less thinking” for me.

Just hit send. Just hit publish. Post. Toot. Tweet. Whatever the button says, it's getting clicked.

(Above: not my books, because I can't stack that high)

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I'm very fond of both write.as and draftin. I'm not sure if they are in some sort of Venn relationship or a force dyad or something. There's significant overlap in some features and approaches, then very different things, and a smattering of areas where I wish they could join forces. (I think I'm imagining write.as as the container enveloping draftin, but it doesn't really matter.)

They both share strengths in making the getting words down easy, clean, and enjoyable. Draftin has this focus on version control and collaboration which is its particular strength. Write.as is more robust for the blogging model and the degree of customization with the blog output is in that goldilocks territory of just enough to make it enjoyable but not too much to be overwhelming or distracting. I really love that feature. (It's a solid feature of ghost too, incidentally, but that's yet another set of needs/audiences/workflows and a different answer to the “alternatives to wordpress” question.)

I like both a lot and neither is fully comfortable all the time. And that's ok.


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I have been practicing a fairly simple gratitude exercise for a bit now. Before going to bed you write down 3 things you are thankful for from that day. Nothing complicated; these can be obvious and everyday. In fact it works best when it is things you are prone to overlook. It can be objects or people or attributes or feelings or anything at all. I've found it to be a simple and direct antidote to my tendency and long habits of turning analytic brain inward at every opportunity.


There are some clearly defined threads here, messy blotches of related content, so I might as well enumerate them for navigation purposes. I had at one point started some of these as separate blogs but that seems overly complicated. The fact is that these are really facets of the same person if not the same persona.

1000 Beginnings: #1000beginnings A fiction project, wherein I give myself the freedom to start writing books without finishing them.

The Itchy Tweed: #itchytweed On academia and journeys through academia.

Philology Dust: #philologydust A collection of detritus from a soon to be former career in academia. Because the dust has to settle somewhere.

Paperful: #paperful Celebrating the physical stuff of words. Occasional typewriter nerding.

I also have been filing things away under write.as hashtags like #100DaysToOffload and #Fiction

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You have deep love of the world and its people. You worry about them. You see suffering.

People will suffer because of choices made by others. You alone are not responsible for that. Right now especially, you don't need to “fix” it or be sidelined in anger or frustration or resignation or fear of uncertainty.

What you are responsible for are your actions and your choices. You can choose to be kind and loving to others. You can choose to model decency and respect. You can choose to shape your character in accordance with your values.

You can choose to tune out the noise and go about the business of expressing your values in the world. You can learn and strive and aspire. You can recognize that there are people who think like you, others who don't, many who don't care, and, on some issues, places where your way of doing things trends toward the unique. The world is a big place.

Focus your attention on that.

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