There are some clearly defined threads here, messy blotches of related content, so I might as well enumerate them for navigation purposes. I had at one point started some of these as separate blogs but that seems overly complicated. The fact is that these are really facets of the same person if not the same persona.

1000 Beginnings: #1000beginnings A fiction project, wherein I give myself the freedom to start writing books without finishing them.

The Itchy Tweed: #itchytweed On academia and journeys through academia.

Philology Dust: #philologydust A collection of detritus from a soon to be former career in academia. Because the dust has to settle somewhere.

Paperful: #paperful Celebrating the physical stuff of words. Occasional typewriter nerding.

I also have been filing things away under write.as hashtags like #100DaysToOffload and #Fiction